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The Christian Respondent was originally mailed on a subscription basis from 1984 until 1991. Fifty-two issues were published during that time. With the exception of three issues, all of the articles were written by myself. Those articles written by others are clearly identified.

My wife and I were Jehovah's Witness for thirty-three years, and about a third of that time was spent in some form of full time ministry: pioneering, special pioneering and circuit work. In 1981, after nearly a decade of reevaluating the claims of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, my wife, Mavis and I were summoned before a judicial committee and disfellowshipped for apostasy against the organization.

Subsequently, I began to write and publish the enclosed polemics along with several other treatises, including The Faithful & Discreet Slave which was circulated quite broadly and was used as a special issue of The Bible Examiner published in Canada by M. James Penton.

The Christian Respondent has been recreated and reformatted with the technical assistance of a dear friend who wishes to be identified only as "Ros" at this time.

In addition to the original fifty-two articles there has been added two additional ones that address changes in teaching introduced by the Watch Tower Society in 1995. It is hoped that this collection of material will prove helpful to those who presently have a need to reevaluate their view of this religious organization.

- Ronald E. Frye

Table of Contents

(#1) The Generation That Will Not Pass Away

(#2) Putting Faith in the “Slave” Organization

(#3) God's Use of Organization

(#4) Must All Christians Be Ministers?

(#5) The Literal And Symbolic Heart

(#6) Whose Disciples Are Christians?

(#7) Apologetics For Failed Predictions and Date-Setting

(#8) Is Michael The Great Prince Jesus Christ?

(#9) "Millions Now Living Will Never Die"

(#10) The "Lord's Evening Meal": Who Should Partake?

(#11) Dedication And Baptism: To God Or An Organization

(#12) Disfellowshipping Policies And Practices

(#13) Explaining Away Failed Expectations

(#14) The Watch Tower Society And Neo-Pharisaism

(#15) Challenging Other Religions—A Double Standard

(#16) The Watch Tower Society Misrepresents Its History

(#17) Are Jehovah's Witnesses Fulfilling Matthew 24:14?

(#18) A Misapplication of John 11:25,26

(#19) Being Declared Righteous: Part I

(#20) Being Declared Righteous: Part 2

(#21) Reasoning From The Scriptures: "False Prophets"

(#22) Misapplication of John 6:53-57

(#23) The Watchtower And The Apocalypse—Continued Updating

(#24) Maintaining An Open Mind—A Double Standard

(#25) Forced Unity Through Disfellowshipping

(#26) The Name Jehovah

(#27) Watch Tower Growth: Is It Unique?

(#28) Baptism And Change In Baptism Questions (2 MB)

(#29) A Sure Hope For This Generation (3 MB)

(#30) Daniel's Prophecy Regarding The "Time Of The End"

(#31) Religious Persecution—Watch Tower Gives And Receives

(#32) Harmonizing The Synoptics And John's Gospel

(#33) Separating The Sheep And The Goats: Part I

(#34) Separating The Sheep And The Goats: Part II

(#35) A Letter Of Disassociation

(#36) Bible Truth Is God's Truth—Not Organizational

(#37) Building On The Right Foundation

(#38) How Much Loyalty Is Owed The Watch Tower Society?

(#39) The Eusebius Factor: Unity And Discipleship

(#40) The Problem of Moving Forward By Former Witnesses

(#41) Does Jesus Mediate For Only 144,000?

(#42) The Memorial Underlines A Different Good News

(#43) Phoenix And Pasadena C.R.M. Conferences

(#44) Misuse of Statistics and Quotations By The Society

(#45) The Psychology Of Shunning

(#46) 1988 B.R.C.I. Conference Report

(#47) Watch Tower Commentary On Revelation: Part I

(#48) Watch Tower Commentary On Revelation: Part n

(#49) Another Look At 1 Corinthians 5:9-13

(#50) Will The 20th Century See The End Of The World?

(#51) Will Some Of The "Anointed" Survive Armageddon

(#52) "Peace And Security": Repeated Predictions

(#53) The Horse Named "The 1914 Generation" Has Died

(#54) Separating The Sheep And Goats—An Adjusted View