About Ron Frye

Ron and Mavis Frye

Ronald E. Frye, a second generation Jehovah's Witness, devoted more than thirty years to this religious movement. During that time, he served as a Congregation Overseer in five different congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses. He also served as a Pioneer, Special Pioneer and Circuit Overseer. From this informed and experienced perspective his memoirs are written.

The painful discoveries that shattered his confidence in this dogmatic and authoritarian religion, and which led to his being disfellowshipped, are chronicled in his book, My Christian Quest. The opening chapter portrays the brutal consequences of family division which have affected tens of thousands of those who have separated themselves from this religion due to matters of conscience.

His post Jehovah's Witness life and ministry should provide encouragement to you and others who long to escape the spiritually suffocating effect of religious tyranny and breather the life-giving air of freedom in Christ.

Ron passed away Dec. 13, 2016 a few months after Mavis and is sorely missed by his many friends.

Ron's friend, Andy Weeks hosts this site and you can contact him: phil.2.3thru5 at gmail dot com.